Minecraft Dungeons

How do you play Minecraft Dungeons You’re curled up on a couch or a chair. You are at your computer with a keyboard and mouse? You’re locked up in a bathroom, your annoying sibling shouting at you. There are so many options, and I hope you don’t mind us adding another. It’s better than the toilet option, but it is possible that there will be a line if you take your time.

Play Mechanix, unrivalled experts in ancient arcade gaming and cabinet crafting, joined us recently to create the most blocky dungeons crawler ever created. They created an impressive stand-up version and we are thrilled to reveal the result: Minecraft Dungeons Arcade.

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade is a four-player cooperative experience that takes a new approach to the standard version. It also features a cool cabinet that can make even the most pessimistic Minecraft.net writers cry of joy. It’s so beautiful that I could write a book about it. But my keyboard is clogged with my joyous sobbing. Let’s just settle for this amazing image.