Minecraft Dungeons

How do you play Minecraft Dungeons You’re curled up on a couch or a chair. You are at your computer with a keyboard and mouse? You’re locked up in a bathroom, your annoying sibling shouting at you. There are so many options, and I hope you don’t mind us adding another. It’s better than the …

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Upcoming features in 2022

Minecraft’s success lies in its ability to release new features every year. Mojang’s 2021 update, Caves & Cliffs, was a fascinating and challenging year. It changed the Overworld forever. Mojang announced the next update to the popular sandbox video game at Minecraft Live 2021. Caves & Cliffs did not change the Overworld. Developers are adding more features …

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HTML5 social games?

Quicksave Interactive has raised $1.3 Million to create HTML5-based social gaming experiences that can be accessed on all platforms. These apps are short and easy to use, and can be used within a messaging or chat platform like Viber or Facebook Messenger. HTML5 is the web’s lingua-franca. It has seen significant improvements in performance, so …

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