Best seeds for speedrunning in Minecraft

22 January, 2023

Best seeds for speedrunning in Minecraft

Speedrunning is a way to complete a game or subsection in the fastest time. Minecraft has also experienced a resurgence in popularity.

Minecraft is one the fastest running games right now. There are many categories to choose from, including:

It is essential to have good seeds for both practice and attempt runs, given the many categories and competitive nature that speedrunning has.

5 great seeds to try Minecraft 1.18PE speedruns

5) Plains double village

This seed will spawn players near a plains village (ironworks included) and a ruined portal, which can easily be finished to gain access to the Nether. This portal takes you to the Nether spawn close to a fortress.

A second village is located nearby. These villages offer little beyond ironworks and food. However, the second village has a stronghold beneath it.

Both a Nether fortress and a stronghold can be found quickly, which is a huge time-saver as both are RNG dependent. Unfortunately, the stronghold only has two eyes of ender. This is slightly less than seeds with none eyes.

The seed is: 328819481

Desert Run

The desert seed will spawn players near a desert village or outpost. The seed also contains a second village and a rare desert temple within the same spawning biome.

Players will need to dig beneath the village they spawned near after using the nether for blaze powder. You can find the stronghold directly below the original village.

The seed is: 1967697203

3) World Record 2020

This seed will spawn players in an abandoned village with a ravine that exposes both a zombie-spawner and one the strongestholds of the world.

This world spawn area is called the Nether spawn. It places players close to a nether fortress as well as a bastion remnant. This will allow them to easily access both blaze rods as well as piglin trading to obtain ender pearls. Access to the end portal can be achieved quickly.

The seed is: 376166266

2) Six village seed

The seed will spawn players in a snowy biome that is surrounded by six villages within 650 block. They are provided with plenty of food and ironwork for materials.

This village has an additional resource: a stronghold beneath it, and a second stronghold just a few hundred yards away. To reduce the resource grind, players can consolidate their eyes of ender between portals.

The seed is: 2073720455

1) Tundra village

The seed will spawn players in a tundra settlement with an above-water wreck and a lava lake within four chunks. This shipwreck can be used by players to slingshot to an earlier nether trip. Players will need to obtain their blaze powder, and ender pearls.

They can, however, return to the village and dig almost straight down to find the stronghold or portal to the end.

The seed is: -100854236