Cow crushing guide for Minecraft

24 December, 2022

Cow crushing guide for Minecraft

There are many animals that can be found in Minecraft. The cow is one of the most common animals found in Minecraft. These animals are extremely beneficial because players can obtain leather and raw beef from their carcasses.

Although cows are common and easy to kill they can be a reliable food source for players who want it. A cow farm is an excellent option for those looking for a steady food source. The cow crusher is one of the most basic cow farm designs.

What is the secret to it?

The cow crusher is a simple design that makes use of the entity cramming rule. This gamerule does not allow multiple mobs on the same block at once.

This gamerule default value is twenty-four. However, it can be changed using the “/gamerule maxEntityCramming” command. Commands are only available in worlds that have cheats enabled.

How to make a cow crusher

Step 1: Create an L-shaped hole in your ground. Place the chest and hoppers in this area as shown in the image. The chest needs the first hopper to be connected, and the second one must be connected to that hopper.

Step 2: Place a block on all four sides around the second hopper.

Step 3: Players must place steps beside and above the blocks they have placed in the previous step.

Step 4: Fill the hole with water and allow at least two cows to enter it.

Step 5: Attach the fence to the top of your hole.

How do you use the cow crusher?

The player must breed the cows in the farm they have just built. The game will kill any extra cows whose numbers exceed the limit set by the entity that cramms gamerule. They will drop the items and the hoppers will collect them. The chest will contain the items.