How to easily get diamond gear in Minecraft

13 December, 2022

How to easily get diamond gear in Minecraft

The most important items in Minecraft are armor and tools. They will allow you to survive against dangerous creatures. These items can also be made using iron or diamonds.

For crafting items, diamonds are the best material. It takes a lot of time to get enough diamonds to make a complete set of tools, armor, and weapons.

This article will show you how to get more diamond items in Minecraft.

Many Minecraft beginners don't know that there are multiple ways to acquire diamond tools and other items. Instead of crafting them with diamonds, players can trade their emeralds to get diamond weapons and items with armorers or toolsmiths. A few low-level enchantments can also be added to diamond items that are traded.

It is important to note that only expert weaponsmiths and toolsmiths will be able to trade diamond items.

How to become a toolsmith or an armorer villager

Minecraft villager either have a chosen profession or are required to choose one. Players can place a job block next to a villager to make them a trader or convert them to unemployment.

For the armorer, the blast furnace is the job site block, while for the toolsmith it is the smithing tables.

Players can make a villager unemployed if it has a profession, but not an armorer or a toolsmith. This will work only if there are no other players trading with the villager.

Trade cost reduction

Players can reduce the price of items by turning traders into zombies and curing them.

A zombie must be used to zombify a villager. After being attacked, the chances of it becoming a zombie are 0%, 50% and 100% for easy difficulty.

It is easy to cure a zombie villager. It is as easy as throwing a splash potion full of weakness at it, and then giving it a golden apple. It can take as long as five minutes to cure.

It will be cheaper to trade after it is cured. Players can also repeat the process several times to further reduce trade costs.

Reducing trader levels to meet requirements

Players must continue trading with them to raise their armorers and toolsmiths until they offer diamond items.

Trading coal with toolsmiths and armorers at Novice and Apprentice levels is the best option. For emeralds, players who have an iron farm can trade ingots for iron with apprentice level traders.

Players can place job site blocks if the trader is not offering any good trades.