Page speed on Gaming sites

17 October, 2022

Page speed on Gaming sites

Just recently everyone on the internet started focusing on page loading and page speed. This was probably overdue but as they say better late than never. There are many different types of websites but unfortunately some of them use a lot of images and video content. Now the tricky part when optimizing video content and images is ensuring caching is set up properly, image sizes and even loading order.

One shining example could be minecraft servers where the score is 100 our of 100 for most of their pages. How did they do it? Gaming sites in particular use banners, background and generally a lot of imagery. First and foremost it's critical to use optimized images, if you're not resizing and optimizing images and here I'm talking about everything from image format to loading order, then you probably have a lot of work to do. It's worth mentioning that sadly some of CMS don't support this out of the box but I think eventually we will get there.

After it's mainly about optimizing CSS and JavaScript. A lot can be gained simply by updating JavaScript libraries, making sure you use minified versions and last but not least, the thing most of developers will skip, removing unused JavaScript and CSS. This requires quite a bit of manual work as it usually can't be automated. But considering you're saving bandwidth, improving page loading, JavaScript execution time and more it's usually well worth it.

We're probably not there just yet but more and more webmasters are starting to update their websites and personally I think this is a good thing.