Upcoming features in 2022

14 October, 2022

Upcoming features in 2022

Minecraft's success lies in its ability to release new features every year. Mojang's 2021 update, Caves & Cliffs, was a fascinating and challenging year. It changed the Overworld forever.

Mojang announced the next update to the popular sandbox video game at Minecraft Live 2021. Caves & Cliffs did not change the Overworld. Developers are adding more features to this peaceful dimension through The Wild Update.

The Wild Update will be released sometime in 2022. Many players are eager to test the 1.19 new features.

Expected Minecraft features in 2022

5) Sculk blocks

The 1.17 update was expected to bring Sculk Blocks. They were delayed twice, but are now available in Minecraft with The Wild Update. Beta testers for Bedrock Edition can now test Sculk Blocks.

Each Sculk block has its own unique features. Sculk sensors are able to detect vibrations, Sculks have the ability to store XP and Sculk shrieker summons wardens.

4) Deep dark cities

The unofficial name of the large structure is “The Deep Dark City”, which was revealed during the live event. These structures can only be created in deep dark caves, and are extremely dangerous.

Sculk blocks are found in Deep dark cities. They can be found by sculk shriekers and sculk shriekers. These have the ability to summon warden. This structure is a terrifying place that will reward you with untold treasure items.

Mangrove swamps

One of the new biomes in the 1.19 update is mangrove swamps. This is a new type of regular swamps with new mangrove trees and mud blocks. Mangrove wood looks like a mix of jungle and acacia trees. Fireflies are also found in mangrove swamps. They are the natural food source for frogs.

2) Frogs

Frogs are one of the most anticipated mobs in Minecraft. Many players requested that developers add frogs because swamps were not eligible for the biome vote. The Wild Update includes all of the features that were revealed for swamps, as well as frogs.

Bedrock Edition beta version already has frogs. There are three types of frogs and they can make pretty froglight block designs.

1) Warden

Players have not received new bosses in a long time. Although the warden is a regular mob it has the power of boss-type mobs. Developers envision the warden as the most difficult mob and will make it nearly impossible to beat.